About Studio

With an immense passion for the art of dance and aerial acrobatics, certified instructor Cecilia Paige founded the studio in April 2015. Originally the studio only offered adult classes, but after witnessing the interest of youth, classes for children were designed. Since then, the children’s program has grown abundantly! The studio recently went under renovation and doubled in size to accommodate the growth.


Half of the studio is equipped with 5 poles- 3 spinning and 2 stationary. This creates a dynamic atmosphere for all levels of learners.


On the other half of the studio hangs 4 silks. The silks are hung in a way that they can be tied back to create a space perfect for gymnastics and dance. Between the two rooms hangs an aerial hoop.


In addition to the 10 aerial items, the studio contains conditioning and stretching equipment, which entertains and accommodates a number of children.